Abstract Portraiture

WB Taylor

I have spent the last several years developing a painterly language through which I seek to capture a vitality beyond the establishment of a mere ‘likeness’ to the subject. While I appreciate the importance of the individual being recognizable, their inner selves hinted at but ultimately inscrutable.

The technique I've developed I refer to as abstract realism or color juxtaposition. I want to bring the viewer into the painting. By painting distinct shapes of color, the viewer’s subconscious and conscious mind has to deconstruct and reconstruct the fragments of color into something the viewer can recognize. By viewing the painting up close one perspective is seen but, seeing the painting from afar, a different perspective is seen.

It is the viewer who blends the color, not the artist. The viewer brings to this process their own perspective, their life experiences and history. Each viewer sees the image differently. These paintings are anything but concrete.